Training is one of the main priorities of Spyrides Group, since it allows our employees to acquire knowledge, to develop new skills and sharpen existing ones and to learn new methods of working. All these result in performing in a better way, increase productivity and quality of their work.Training is also very important to increase sales and create better Leaders and Managers.

Since the company is the sum total of what our employees achieve individually, we do everything possible to ensure that our employees perform first of all SAFELY and to the best of their ability.


At our Company we strongly believe that training is not a cost, but an investment. Applying a correct and fulfilled training program means that our employees are developing new skills that can improve production, that they cut time spent in service, reduce production costs, reduce repeatable mistakes, build self-confidence and create a better working environment. So, applying training as an investment in our employees is in reality an investment for our company.

We have developed and apply for our employes a 3-stage Training Program:

  • Theoretical Education in classrooms
  • Practical Training in classrooms
  • Practical On-the-Field Training

By following our 3-stage Training Program, we achieve sizeable results for our company, our employes and our customers

  • Trained and Specialized Personnel
  • Reduced accidents and injuries
  • Higher Customer Service Level
  • Increased Productivity
  • Self-confident employes