To maintain our Leading Position in Greece and to be established as a major manufacturer in the International Market, offering Value Added, High Quality Innovative Products and Services to our Customers. 

P. Spyrides
President - Spyrides Group


To provide constantly the highest possible customer service, with creative solutions that increase productivity and minimize costs, for mutual benefit.

To distribute high dividents to our shareholders as gratitude for their trust, as well as to motivate them for further investing to our company and enhance employment.


Integrity: we always do the right thing based on our eathics and business principles.

Knowledge: we act based on our extensive knowledge, which comes from our experience and training.

Creativity: we constantly develop new value added products and solutions for our customers.

Responsibility: we always strive our business activities to improve lifes of our personnel, our partners and our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility: we provide our employees safe and steady working conditions, while protecting the environment.