Spyrides Group has the following business activities:

  • Manufacturing and distribution of Electronic Fuel Pumps and Fuel Loading & Unloading Equipment.
  • Automations, Forecourt Control and Tank Gauging Systems and Software, developed in-house from experienced developers with knowledge of the petrol industry needs.
  • Payment Systems, Loyalty Scheme Systems, Fleet Management Systems, all developed in-house.
  • Official Representation & Distribution of major international manufacturers for service station's and petrol station's equipment.
  • Turn-Key Construction Projects, using experienced and well trained personnel and engineers of Spyrides Group.
  • Maintenance Services 24/7 all over the country, having under contract more than 3.000 petrol stations.
  • Signage & Canopies Desing and Manufacturing.

The Company is certfied since 1995 according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, by accreditation body RW TϋV ESSEN (Certificate Registration No: 44100053103).

For keeping up with the latest industrial trends worldwide, Spyrides Group is member of PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT INSTITUTE - P.E.I since 1990, an institute having as its members manufacturers and suppliers of handling equipment for the petroleum industry, as well as of Α.Ρ.Ε.Α. - ASSOCIATION FOR PETROLEUM & ΕXPLOSIVES ADMINISTRATION. In 1996 Spyrides Group became also member of Ι.Ρ. - ΙNSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM, a well established European organization for promoting scientific knowledge in the petroleum industry.