For high-priced goods, accurate monitoring of the exact quantities stored and handled is essential.

Even when it is for internal corporate transactions, it is essential to monitor accurately all fuel quantities.

Spyrides Group provides a comprehensive solution for Road Tankers, meeting all legal norms and requirements.

Based on our vast experience on the field and our dedication to Quality, our Certified according to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory expanded its scope of work, providing now Road Tanker Calibration Certificates.

Our Calibration & Volume Measurement Laboratory consists of highly qualified professionals, who have developed reliable equipment and calibration processes by fully exlpoiting their scientific background and continuous training.

Our Certified according to ISO17025 Laboratory executes reliable and high-accuracy Fuel Tank Calibrations.

Electronic Calibration Method

Based on the International Standard ISO 4269, we are using cutting-edge calibration equipment and verified procedures:

  • Calibrated & Verified Flow Meter (Master Meter)
  • High-accuracy Calibrated Dipstick
  • High-accuracy Temperature Probes
  • Scientifically approved software
  • Well-trained, experienced personnel
  • Cooperation with National Measurement Institute, which verifies and confirms our method, procedures, equipment and results
Calibration Process

Upon arrival at the work site, our specialized personnel applies all safety procedures, according to ISO 45001, as described in Petrotek S.A's Health & Safety Management System.

After ensuring safety, we set-up and install the necessary equipment, and then the system operates automatically. Our specialized software receives, registers and processes data, in each consecutive calibration run.Advantages
      • High accuracy in each calibration run
      • Safety, by using ΑΤΕΧ Certified equipment
      • Use of Advanced Mathematical Models for developing High-Accuracy (per mm) Calibration Charts

For analyzing results, we are using advanced mathematical models, which provide us with high-accuracy calibration charts, where fuel level per mm is corresponded to volume, in each road tanker's compartment. When the process is completed, we provide a Calibrated per mm Manual Dipstick.

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SO17025 Εργαστήριο Διακριβώσεων Δεξαμενών Καυσίμων