Spyrides Group is authorized to verify and seal metrologicaly all types of meters for Refined Petroleum Products and LPG, based on the existing legal frameworks and rules and conditions.

Our relevant Department has verified and seal until today the meters in more than 600 Petrol Stations, delivering also the necessary documentation required by authorities.

For Performing Metrological Sealing we use

  • Detailed working procedures.
  • Technicians fully trained for sealing all types of equipment (Fuel Pumps, LPG Dispensers, Flow Meters) of all Manufacturers.
  • Calibrated and Certified Volume Provers.
  • Approved Seals, with unique identification number.
  • Full documentation record, covering all works and procedures.
  • Technical Database for performing all necessary works in any type of product (technical drawings, certificates, declarations of conformity etc.).

All our Working Procedures and Documentation have all National & International Approvals and Certifications.

For more information please contact PETROTEK S.A or visit www.petrotek.gr