PD Flowmeters

SPYRIDES S.A. GROUP is the distributor of the MetersControl (MC) series product range in Greece, providing high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in custody transfer applications in Petrol Stations, Tank Trucks and Depots.

MetersControl (MC) series product range is used in custody transfer applications for gasoline, petrol, diesel, biodiesel, solvents, aviation fuels, oils and light chemicals.

Furthermore, the MC Positive Displacement flow meters have wide range of operation under special conditions:

  • Working temperature from -29oC to 180 oC
  • Working pressure from 10 to 100 bar
  • Viscosity  from 30SSU (1cP) to 1,500,000SSU (325,000 cP)

The MC Positive Displacement flow meters are manufactured :

  • For capacity 150 l/min(40GPM) to 3,000 l/min (800 GPM)
  • For inlet – outlet flanges 1½" (DN40) to 6" (DN150)
  • From aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel

Depending on the requirement of each application, the metering chamber can be provided with several accessories:

  • Mechanical Register manufactured by Veeder Root USA, along with
  • Mechanical printer
  • Mechanical preset
  • Pulse encoder to be connected with remote electronic register or computer management system

Electronic Registration

  • MeterGuard developed and manufactured by SPYRIDES S.A. in Greece
  • EMR3 by Veeder Root in USA

For additional desired features:

  • Temperature Compensation 
  • Transactions storage 
  • Connection with vehicle Fleet Management Systems and Forecourt Control Systems
  • Currency and volume preset deliveries

Strainer, air eliminator, air check valve and several additional components depending on the requirements of each application.

The MetersControl (MC) Positive Displacement flow meters have all the needed Certificates for the European Markets, as they are certified according to:

  • Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • Directive 2014/32/EU - MID ( OIML )