Electronic Registers

SPYRIDES S.A. GROUP can provide several solutions for electronic registration according the requirements of every application either on the DeliveryTank Truck, Depot, or Commercial Petrol Station.

EMR3 system

The EMR3 system is comprised of two separate building blocks:

1.the Register Head (display)

2.the Interconnect Box (I.B.) which :

  • is the power supply of the EMR3 System
  • is the communication hub between the display and a series of accessories
  • has I/O ports for the control of the pumps and valves
  • communicates with the printer


These core components, along with a series of accessories allow the user to configure a system that meets their specific needs on the delivery vehicle or loading rack. A benefit of this unique system design is that two Register Heads can connect to a single I.B., and up to 16 I.B. units (con-necting up to 32 Register Heads!) can network together for very large customer applications through Veeder-Root’s I.B.net software solution. Maintaining a watchful eye on your fuel dispensing operations has never been so easy!

Veeder-Root’s EMR3, a truly unique system architecture, wraps the latest technology within a robust and user-friendly system, providing unprecedented value for customers world wide. Fully capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements, it can be affordably configured to fit a wide variety of industry applications.

Features of EMR3 Electronic Register

  • Non-Volatile Memory continuously stores the last 200 transactions made
  • Temperature Compensated Delivery (each with different product calibrations)
  • Multiple Product Deliveries (each with different product calibrations)
  • Currency & Volume Preset Deliveries
  • Dual Register Head - Simultaneous Operation
  • Interconnect Box Net – Interface up to 32 Register Heads in one network
  • Fully Functional Remote Register Display which permits remote operation
  • Fully Customizable Delivery Tickets
  • Weights and Measures World Wide Approval: OIML, CW&M, French, NCWM (NIST Standards)



Electronic Register developed & manufactured by SPYRIDES S.A. in Greece

Meter Guard is the perfect choice for Fuel Depot or combined retail Fuel Station / Depot.

Combines metrological accuracy for bulk fuel metering applications with high standards of ergonomics, reliability and functionality for field operations & back office communications.

Robust construction with MID, ATEX certification and IP66 rating for heavy duty operation to zones of explosive atmospheres. Designed to simplify installation without additional hardware. Power supply, I/O board, interface are all housed in one single ATEX enclosure.

The MeterGuard is an integrated electronic register which is comprised of the below mentioned equipment:

  • Display
  • KeyPad
  • CPU
  • Motor - valves control unit (SSR Board)
  • Input-Output interface board
  • Power supply
  • Communication borad for IFSF protocol

User-friendly operation interface, with distinctly digits and ergonomic buttons for easy operation.

Features MeterGuard electronic register:

  • Memory continuously stores the last 200 transactions made
  • Temperature Compensated Delivery at 15o C
  • Multiple product deliveries each with different product calibrations
  • Currency & volume preset deliveries
  • Communication port for connection with delivery ticket printer
  • Communication through IFSF protocol for connection with vehicle Fleet Management Systems and Forecourt Control Systems

Adapts to all Meters featuring all certificates, as they are certified according to:

  • DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • DIRECTIVE 2014/32/EU -MID (OIML)