LED Lighting

Spyrides Group provides and instals LED Lmps & Systems for any Petrol Station's canopy, totem or peripheral lighting system.

Spyrides Group offers a free of charge visit and inspection of your Petrol Station by one of our specialized technicians, for offerign you a custom made solution based on your true needs.

For more information, please visit www.petrotek.gr.


LED Lighting Systems have created a revolution by maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing consumption. Did you know that:

  • Led lamps retain their brightness level throughout all their life-time, with a maximum 1% loss. Conventional bulbs after operating for 10.000 hours lose around 25% of their brightness level.
  • Led lamps switch ON and OFF instantly, achieving 100% of their brightness level, while conventional bulbes have a long warm up time.
  • In areas under CCTV surveillance, Led lighting systems offer better image sharpness.
  • Led lamps and systems are recognized by their high quality of light, creating better ambient atmosphere. This makes them ideal for domestic or commercial use.
  • Led lamps last approximately four times longer compared to conventional bulbs. This results in lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Led lamps have a considerably lower energy consumption compared to conventional bulbs.