Submersible Pumps

We provide to the Greek market Franklin Fueling Systems (Fe Petro) Submersible Fuel Pumps, certified according to ΑΤΕΧ EN14678-1 and all related EU norms and Directives, and compliant to European Norm EN589.

Fe Petro Submersible Fuel Pumps are also certified according to 94/9/EC (ΑΤΕΧ) and 2004/22/EC (MID) Directives, and compliant to all European (ΕΝ) and International Metrological Norms (OIML).


Submersible Fuel Pumps FE PETRO, USA.

Type: STP 150 – VL2

Technical Details

Single Phase 220V / 50 Hz

Power: 1,5 ΗΡ

Max. Flow Rate: 275 lt/min

With by-pass valve and non-return valve.

Optional MLD - Mechanical Leak Detector, for STP-MLD type.