Tank Invoice Guard

Unique Solution for Road Tanker Invoicing!

Spyrides Group S.A, having an 87 year presence in the Petrol Station Industry, has developed the Reliable & Efficient TankInvoice Guard System.

The System provides a comprehensive Solution for Road Tanker Invoicing, offering multiple features to the company and the road tanker driver.

System's Equipment

All equipment is stored in a practical heavy-duty briefcase, suitable for use in harsh environments:

  • Modern touch-screen laptop, easy-to-use
  • Thermal printer, for fast and reliable printing
  • Fiscal printer (optional)

Our TankInvoice Guard System while being fully compatible with Greek Legislation, it also facilitates both company administation and drivers. The System is also open for future upgrades or additions, according to your company's needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Next day's deliveries registration and scheduling
  • New order registration and delivery, and rerouting
  • Use in multiple road tankers
  • Document printing (orders, invoices etc.)
  • Multiple search options (mobile phone number, address, VAT number etc.)
  • Automatic data transmission to fiscal authorities
  • Discount and pricing policy per customer
  • Value calculation (net value, gross value VAT included, total discounts etc.)
  • Support of all payment methods (cash, debit-credit card)
  • Option to modify or delete documents
  • Option to re-print documents (according to legislation)
  • Future upgrades or additions, depending on your company's needs