Dem. G. Spyrides S.A offers a wide range of solutions for:

  • Tank truck equiment
  • Heating Oil Depot equipment

For any Heating Oil Depot, we offer the following main products:

  • Pumping Skids, ATEX certified  (pump & meter)
  • MC Positive Displacement Flow Meters, highly accurate and reliable, ΑΤΕΧ certified, for flow ranges 200 to 3000 lpm. Standard versions include strainer, air eliminator and Veeder Root Mechanical Register, optional available witl preset, printer, Electronic Register, connection with Fiscal System (console)
  • Silea Top or Bottom Loading arms, 3" or 4"

We also provide additional equipment for tank trucks - depots such as:

  • Pumps for tank trucks (coupled to the truck's transmission box)
  • Pumps coupled with gasoline engines
  • 12/24V – ATEX certified pumps
  • Pipes
  • Reels
  • Nozzles