Private (Industrial) Filling Stations

Spyrides Group S.A provides a Turn-Key Solution for the development of your company's Private Fuel Station with cutting-edge equipment, Fuel & Fleet Management Systems, user's training and pilot operation.

Development of a Private(Industrial) Fuel Station

We provide all below mentioned works, based on International Standards & Reulations, as well as National & European legislations:

  • Earthworks
  • Tank Installation with Overfill Prevention Valves
  • Piping Installations–Ventillations
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • Forecourt Construction
  • Construction of Forecourt's Islands equipped with Sumps
  • Pump's Installation
  • Tank Calibration
  • Electric Installations
  • Canopy

Tanks based on customer's needs, with all piping relevant installations.

Fuel Dispensers for Diesel or Unleaded, single or double-hose, with flow rates of 40-120lpm, according to each customer's needs.

Forecourt Control System.

Optional: Fleet Management Systems of various Security & User Authorization Levels, Automatic Vehicle Recognition Systems.


  • Only Authorized Users/Vehicles receive fuel and no one else
  • Fuel delivered to authorized vehicle's tank and nowhere else
  • Automatic electronic refuelling record per vehicle, driver, etc. avoiding paperwork
  •  Continuous report monitoring per vehicle


System's fine-tuning and initial verification:

  • Fuel Dispensers
  • Inventory Measurement Probes
  • Forecourt Control System
  • Fleet Management System
  • Support-Service