Canopies - LED lighting - Signage

Spyrides Group S.A, through our subsidiary company Avetel S.A, designs, manufactures and installs Petrol Station's Pylons and Canopies.

Design and manufacturing according to all European Norms and Standards and Legal Frameworks. Custom design for each Petrol Station, offering the flexibility needed to meet all customer needs, either at the stage of design, or even during operation.

Custom solutions also for manufacturing, with processes and materials suitable for each project.

Wide range of products for Pylons, Signages and Canopies.


LED Lighting

For a better aesthetic result for your fuel station, which leads to a competitive advantage as well as significant energy savings,  for the last 8 years Avetel S.A, adatping contemporary technology, installs LED lighting in most of its applications, either in the signs, or by using price displays.

Using LED lighting results in significant energy savings, while at the same time increases life-span and reduces maintenance needs, avoiding causes of concerns for fuel stations.

By using price displays, we improve readability and promote your  station's competitive advantage.

Furthermore, you have full control of pricing, since you may change prices from your PC, avoiding the effort and time spent compeared to the old-fashioned methods.

Most important, of course, is that by adapting LED lighting, you create a modern and attractive look for your station.


Avetel S.A, with vast experience in manufacturing pylons and signages for Petrol Stations in Greece and abroad, provides:

  • Design and manufacturing of any concept, customized to the needs of the contemporary Petrol Station, for the best possible brand promotion
  • Cutting-edge production technology, offering competitive solutions for every application

Avetel S.A provides turn-key solutions for Petrol Stations, offering a wide range of products:

  • All types of Pylons
  • Canopy Signages
  • Peripheral Signages (Entrance-Exit, Air-Water etc.)
  • Building Signages (Car Wash, Lubrication, Shop)

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