Loyalty Cards in various tech-forms (chip, stripe, contactless, virtual etc.).

Fleet Cards for small, medium or large company's fleets, using exclusively 128bit encryption algorithm smart cards,for maximum security against any fraud attempts.

Attandant's cards of many different types (keychain, proximity card, bracelet), which enable each forecourt transaction's recording. Thus, swift reportin per attandant becomes an easy, one-button task. Additionally, combination with Shop Guard Front Office software permits the diversion of the total sales amount of each attendant to credit–debit cards and cash automatically, giving to the shift reporting procedure a fast and accurate attribute.

Peripheral devices like Outdoor Payment Terminals for fuels, Car-Wash Systems, Car-Cleaning Systems, Electronic Pole Signs as well as Digital Signages are integrated, with features supported by the Station Guard & Shop Guard Systems.

Credit Cart
  • Attracting retail customers and fleet customers.
  • Advertising campaigns by SMS & e-mails.
  • Connection with collaborating companies for creating mutual schemes for collecting and redeem bonus points.
  • Automatic invoicing procedure, monitoring, controlling and renewing refilling limits for: vehicle/ group of vehicles / company’s fleet.
  • Connection with accounting modules of major ERPs.